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Our leadership has the necessary skills, expertise and passion for change that is vital to implementing our programs and fulfilling our vision and mission.

Magnus Bergmar, CEO
Magnus Bergmar is the founder and CEO of the World’s Children’s Prize, and has been the driving force in developing it into a global movement. Magnus has a background as journalist and filmmaker. He has 40 years experience as a communication strategist and producer of communications’ projects addressing child rights and other global issues, with extensive reach. Magnus’ documentary films on apartheid and on child slavery have been broadcasted in 80+ countries. He has received numerous awards, including Humanpriset (The Humanity Prize, Banco Fund), Kunskapspriset (The Prize of Knowledge, The Swedish National Encyclopedia), Tidskriftsakademins Stora Pris (The Big Prize, The Academy of Swedish Publishing Houses) and the Mahatma Gandhi Award. 

Paula Jonaeus, Head of Programs
Paula is a political scientist/sociologist and has worked with development and aid for 15 years. She has previously worked at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, with direct program management within social sectors: health, education and rights issues. She also has several years of experience working with global policy issues and has as such coordinated Swedish development policy through the United Nations and the World Bank. Paula has also worked with program management in Central America, and at the Swedish Embassy in Guatemala.

Carmilla Floyd, Head of Communication
Carmilla Floyd has a background as journalist and communication’s strategist, with extensive experience of working with information and communication with and for children and youth, especially concerning global rights issues. She has developed several  advocacy campaigns and educational packages about democracy, human rights, gender issues, tolerance and media literacy for Swedish organisations, as well as government agencies and departments. Carmilla has also trained journalists, teachers and youth leaders in international development projects for media literacy, child rights and democracy. 


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