Children on stage singing
World’s Children’s Prize Ceremony

The annual World’s Children’s Prize Award Ceremony is led by the Child Jury at Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred in Sweden. All three Child Rights Heroes are honoured and awarded prize money for their work for children. Sweden’s Queen Silvia helps the members of the Child Jury present the awards.

Above we see, during the finishing song A World of Friends, the members of the Child Jury are joined on stage by children from Gripsholm School in Mariefred, the singing group Format from Stockholm and the band Abatsha from Cape Town, South Africa.

WCP Child Jury with laureates 2017, Queen Silvia and Åsa Regnér

The Child Jury together with Child Rights Hero Molly Melching, Mariama, Minister for Children Åsa Regnér, Queen Silvia, Child Rights Hero Manuel Rodrigues, Child Rights Hero Rosi Gollmann and Ananthi.

Manuel Rodrigues accepts his award.

Manuel Rodrigues, who is blind and from Guinea-Bissau, was awarded the voting children’s World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. He was accompanied by Isabel, one of the children he has helped.

rosi gollmann at WCP ceremony

Rosi Gollmann, 90, from Germany, who has been fighting for children’s rights for over 50 years, was presented with a World’s Children’s Honorary Award by Queen Silvia.

molly melching receiving award

Queen Silvia presented a World’s Children’s Honorary Award to Molly Melching, USA and Senegal, who has devoted 40 years to fighting for girls’ rights in West Africa.


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