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Said about the WCP

“The most important thing about the WCP is that it teaches true democracy... The children will always remember this. They know how things should be, and they will demand more than the adults of today when they get to vote in our national elections.” School board member, Sadza Primary, Zimbabwe

“The WCP has brought us, the world’s children, together, and millions of children joining together is a great and powerful force... It feels like having another family by my side. The program has changed me and provoked thousands of new thoughts.” Angelina, 12, Sweden

“[The WCP] helps our young people to feel hope for the future. They gain heroes to look up to and that encourages them to make a difference themselves.” Teacher, Sweden

“Thank you so much for teaching our children their rights and for giving them the magazines to read about their rights – it makes us feel safe as parents that at least our children are learning what we never learnt as kids. They will grow up so empowered and clever.” Mr. Dzuka Zvimba, parent, Zimbabwe

“Many people live their whole lives without knowing that the rights of the child exist. We have to work to make them more well-known... I am proud to be studying the WCP and Global Vote Day is an unforgettable experience.” Naw Hser Bwet Wah, 12, Burma/Myanmar

“It’s wonderful to be able to vote. We get a chance to say exactly what we think, and nobody knows who we vote for. We want to vote in our country when we grow up. We feel free, free to think and free to talk. Our hearts are free, our emotions are free!” Mahnaz, 12, Pakistan

“Through the input of the WCP program we gained knowledge about the rights of the child and democracy. This will have a lasting impact on our society as these children mature and develop into future leaders and community members.” Eh Thwa Bor, WCP Coordinator, Myanmar/Burma


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