a girl
If I were president
“The World’s Children’s Prize is the most successful initiative in the world.

It makes me so happy to read the magazine and about the candidates’ work. The WCP has taught me that children have the right to a life without abuse, and the right to go to school. Voting and deciding who should get the prize is about highlighting our rights and getting adults to respect them. When I grow up I’m going to fight for the rights of the child in my country, so that I can be a candidate for the prize. Corporal punishment is common here, even in schools.

Punish violent adults

I think the government should punish the adults who violate the rights of the child. And the minister must pay teachers’ wages so they don’t go on strike. If I were the president of GuineaBissau, I’d get the soldiers to plough the land instead of living in barracks and making war. I’d transform their barracks into homes for orphaned children, daycare centres and playgrounds.”
Akmoda, 13, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau

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