Roman in Mozambique
“We are flowers that are always in bloom!”

“I’m so proud that my friends have elected me as the leader of our World’s Children’s Prize Child Rights Club in Massaca. We do a lot of work for girls’ rights and this is the first year that we boys have been able to join in. This is important,” says Andreque in Mozambique.

“Our goal is to ensure that everyone respects the rights of the child. So we talk to students, teachers, parents... yes, the whole village. We children are flowers that will never wither – we will always be in bloom! Today we are holding our Global Vote. The whole school is participating! We have also invited our neighbouring school to join us. It is a small school, so it’s good for them to vote and celebrate with us. First we read The Globe and learned about the candidates, and now we’re ready to cast our votes. Every vote counts!

Standing up for all children
We Child Rights Ambassadors have a special job to do, and that is to keep an extra eye on the children who don’t go to school. Down in the village, my friend Franz and I saw a boy who can’t talk or use his hands properly. We visited his house and it turned out that he lives with his grandfather. His mother is dead and his father lives in town, but he doesn’t work and can’t take care of him. The boy is called Roman. He is eight years old, but doesn’t go to school. When we got to his house we greeted his grandfather politely and said: “We are here to see if we can help.” After a while, Roman’s grandfather started to explain the situation.

Roman has never been to hospital or to school. Roman’s grandfather didn’t know that there are schools for children with disabilities here in Mozambique, so we told him. But he still doesn’t know how to get in touch with them.

Roman’s grandfather was happy, and although Roman can’t talk we could see that he was happy about the conversation too. We have promised to talk to adults at our school and with the district education officers. They are waiting and longing for our help, that’s what Roman’s grandfather said. He wants Roman to be able to go to school and be happy. We want that too! As Child Rights Ambassadors we have learned to stand up for our own and all children’s rights. Seeing that we can make a difference for one child who needs help makes me feel strong and happy.”

Andreque, 14, WCP Child Rights Ambassador, Escola Secundaria de Massaca, Mozambique

Ballot Box with Malala

The Global Vote in Massaca takes place with Malala on the ballot box. “Malala is a great role model for us. It’s amazing that one child can do so much,” says Child Rights Ambassador Marta, 14.

Voting in Mozambique

The queue to vote stretches right around the building when Andreque’s school hold their Global Vote.


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