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Questions & Answers

If you can’t find the answers to your question about supporting the World’s Children’s Prize here, please let us know at

Is my donation secure?

We make sure that your donation is made in a safe and secure environment, using industry-standard technology specially developed for online donations. We will not share, sell or trade your personal information with anyone else.

Do I get a receipt?

We will send a donation receipt to the email address that you provide in this form.

Can I trust you?

Yes you can. We are validated annually by The Swedish Fundraising Control, that oversees the collection of funds for humanitarian causes. The WCPF has a 90-account, which is only given to organisations that are validated as being managed in an ethical and responsible way and can guarantee that the money reaches its intended purpose.

How will my donation be used?

Your contribution will empower children to stand up for child rights and democracy, now and in the future. At a cost of only one US dollar per child, 45 million children have been empowered through the World’s Children’s Prize program so far; including former child soldiers in war-torn D.R. Congo, and girls from Nepal who were exploited as sex slaves. In addition, we have supported the work of more than 55 Child Rights Heroes.

Can I get a Gift Certificate to give away?

If you want to give a gift in someone else's name, you will receive a gift certificate that shows that the gift helps to educate and strengthen vulnerable children. A physical gift certificate can be sent to you by post, or to the person receiving the gift. If you are in a hurry, you can get a digital gift certificate that can be printed or sent to the recipient. The digital gift certificate will be available when payment is complete. If you have any questions please contact us at or telephone +46-159-12900, to ensure that you receive your gift certificate on time.

Can I make a donation via a bank transfer?

If you live in Sweden, you can make a donation via PG 90 01 86-8 or BG 900-1868.

Can I sign up for automatic withdrawals?

If you live in Sweden, you can sign up for automatic deductions from your bank account. Contact us on, or phone +46-159-129 00.

Can I use my mobile phone to make a donation?

Currently, you can only donate via your cell phone if you have a Swedish bank account. If you do, you can use SWISH number +46-9001868 to donate a sum of your choice.

Are there more ways of making a contribution?

You can support us in many different ways. Many schools and community organizations have collected money locally. private companies are of course also welcome to support the WCP. Send a message to or phone +46-59-129 00 if you want to learn more.


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