Dunani in a classroom
We ask for the Chief’s help

“There was a girl in my village whose uncle paid her school fees. He decided that because of this, he had the right to abuse her. The girl kept silent. But her teacher noticed that her schoolwork was suffering and called her aside.

The teacher went to the police who then went to the family. The police said that the family had to decide if they wanted to report the uncle. The family decided not to do so. Our big challenge in our village is the lack of knowledge about children’s rights. We ambassadors have to work hard. We want to ask the village Chief to call a meeting so that we, the ambassadors, can talk about the rights of the child and what it means. 
   We speak about these challenges in our club. Being an ambassador has made me dream that when I finish my studies I can play a role in helping children be aware of their rights. I am a leader now and it has made me realise that as a child who knows her rights, I have a role to play. I enjoy each and every moment of it, even though it is painful as well. I feel that I can make a difference.”
    Dunani, 17


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