Right to say no

“The Globe taught me about the child sex industry, and how this happens everywhere. One of the girls in our club had a secret. I gave her The Globe and she started reading. Now she is no longer afraid to talk. 

Our parents do not understand much about children’s rights and there are so many children’s rights challenges in our village. Adults can change by understanding children’s rights. They must also come to our club and learn about our rights and read The Globe, and get knowledge from it. 

In our club I learn how to chat with boys about our rights, that boys and girls have the same rights. I learnt that I have the right to say what I think and have my opinions respected. I have learnt that we have the right to say no and that older people cannot make decisions about my life without my consent. I want to be the voice of thousands so that I can change this world by telling everyone about children’s rights, especially about girls’ rights.”
   Hlayisani, 17


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