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WCP Child Rights Ambassadors

As a World’s Children’s Prize Child Rights Ambassador, you are a changemaker for a better world. With the help of the WCP Program, you will educate and empower other children where you live, as well as teach adults about child rights, especially girls’ equal rights.

As a Child Rights Ambassador you are an important role model for other children, as well as for adults. You inform and teach others, and carry out training sessions and activities to promote the Rights of the Child and the United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Maybe you want to set up and run a WCP Child Rights Club at your school, and perhaps help other schools too. The clubs use the WCP Program to educate and empower even more children to make their voices heard. Activities include organizing the Global Vote, the Round the Globe Run for a Better World, and No Litter Day!

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For things to really change for the better for children, adults must respect the rights of the child. Unfortunately, in many communities, this is not the case. Therefore, Child Rights Ambassadors educate adults, including teachers and school principals, local politicians, traditional leaders, police officers, and parents.


This guide contains ideas and activities to use during training and while organizing the different steps in the WCP Program. Use it alongside The Globe, and the educational Step-by-Step guide below, which also contains learning activities.

Step-by-Step guide for Ambassadors

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