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Are you not able to take part in the WCP Program and vote in your school? Thenm you can Study the program online and vote here, latest 16 April 2018. 

• You can vote from the year you turn 10 until and including the year you turn 18.
• You must have studied the WCP Program, including about
• the Rights of the Child
, the stories about the WCP Candidates and the children they fight for online, or in the Globe.
• You must pass the World’s Children’s Prize Quiz • You must be registered as a Global Friend or register here when you cast your vote.

Result WCP Quiz:

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  • Gabriel Meija Montoya
  • Valeriu Nicolae
  • Candidate 1
    Gabriel Mejía Montoya
  • Candidate 2
    Rachel Lloyd
  • Candidate 3
    Valeriu Nicolae

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