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Do you want to get involved in increasing respect for children’s rights where you live, in your country and in the world?


Become a changemaker!

The World’s Children’s Prize Program (WCP) and The Globe magazine will share with you the stories of how brave Child Rights Ambassadors, Child Rights Heroes and children around the world are fighting for a better world for children. Join them and be a changemaker too! 47 million children have taken part in the annual WCP Program, one of the world’s biggest annual children’s rights education programs.

The Rights of the Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child applies to all children, everywhere. Is it observed where you live, at home and at school? Do boys and girls have equal rights? Can you make your voice heard about issues that affect you and your friends? How can things be improved for children where you live, in your country and in the world? Find out how the world’s children are doing and meet the members of the WCP Child Jury, Child Rights Ambassadors and the children they fight for.

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The Global Goals

Find out about the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development and how they relate to children’s rights. The countries of the world have pledged to achieve these goals by the year 2030 to reduce poverty, increase equality and stop climate change. Learn about issues such as climate change, as well as children, wildlife and the environment.

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Child Rights Heroes and changemakers

Three Child Rights Heroes are candidates in the Global Vote, in which you and millions of other children choose the recipient of the 2023 World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. All three have made fantastic contributions for children. Learn about their work and the children they fight for!

Create for change

Based on your new knowledge and insights, you and other children prepare for your Changemaker Day by making everything from posters, to ballot boxes and voting booths.

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Discover the history of democracy and learn about democratic principles ahead of your participation in the Global Vote.

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Global Vote

On Changemaker Day, you and your friends make your voices heard for your rights. Invite your family, local politicians and media! Start by organising your own democratic Global Vote for children’s rights.

My Voice for Change

Next, on Changemaker Day, make your voices heard, expressing your desire to see greater respect for children’s rights. Give speeches and share messages on placards and banners together with other children. Invite parents, local politicians and the media, so they can learn about the rights of the child, and discover what changes children want where you live, and in your country.

Round the Globe for rights & change

Finally, on your Changemaker DayWalk or run 3 km with your message on posters and banners, so everyone can see. Complete your circuits around the globe along with children in lots of different countries for a better local community, country and world.

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Changemaker Mission

As changemakers, you can share your knowledge and stand up for children’s rights, in your daily lives, at school and at home. Talk to parents and siblings, grandparents and neighbours, even local leaders, about the need to respect children’s and girls’ equal rights. Learn more about Changemaker Mission!


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