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Do you want to be a changemaker to make the world a better place? Then the World’s Children’s Prize program (WCP) can support you. Find out here how to participate in the Program, step-by-step.

Become a changemaker!

Take the opportunity to become a changemaker and stand up for the equal worth and rights of all people! You can make your voice heard and influence life where you live, in your country and around the world, now and in the future. Together with millions of other children, you can be involved in building a more compassionate world in which everyone is treated equally, where the Rights of the Child are respected and where people and the planet thrive.

The World’s Children’s Prize is launched annually

The WCP program kicks off when this year’s candidates, Child Rights Heroes who have made unique contributions to helping vulnerable children, are revealed. You can decide for yourself when to begin studying the program. Many schools launch it by organising an opening ceremony.

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STEP 1–3: The Rights of the Child, in your country and the world

First, study the rights of the child and whether these rights are respected where you live. Is there anything you’d like to change? What responsibilities are attached to the rights?

Secondly, get inspired by girls and boys who are fighting for equal rights for girls. Learn about gender equality issues and how you can create change for girls in your local communities and in your country.

Thirdly, study facts and statistics about the situation for children in different countries. Experience other children's reality through stories about children living in different places and under different circumstances. For example, learn about the Child Jury and the Jury Children’s stories.

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Step 4: The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Learn about the Global Goals, which must be reached by 2030 in order to end extreme poverty, injustice and climate change.
   Part of this step is the Peace & Changemaker Generation in Southern Africa.

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STEP 5: Child Rights Heroes & Changemakers

Meet the Child Rights Advocates who are candidates for becoming the World’s Children’s Prize Decade Child Rights Hero. The candidates fight for a better world is inspiring and engaging for children and adults alike.

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Step 6: Democracy and the Global Vote

First, study the history of democracy and democratic principles. Find out how to run an election campaign and compare democratic development in your own community and country, with other parts of the world.

Secondly, schools organize their own election day with ballot boxes, election officials and observers, and vote for their favourite from among the Child Rights Heroes. The election result for each candidate is reported to the WCP. The result of the school’s vote is reported in the online Ballot Box.

If you are a child and have not been able to persuade your teacher/school to use the WCP Program in class, you can cast an individual vote in the Single Vote Ballot Box. You can only vote if you meet the criteria for voting, and have studied the different parts of the WCP Program.

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Activity: Round the Globe Run for a Better World

The Round the Globe Run lets children in your community and around the world present their demands for change, form a human chain and walk or run 3 km. You can also raise your voice and make your opinion heard online, in social media.

Step 9: No Litter Generation

You can show that you belong to the No Litter Generation by cleaning up your communities, and by sharing knowledge about the environment and the need to fight climate change. Annually, a No Litter Day is organised when kids clean up and campaign together.


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