Girl in Burma
Secret democracy

Long before the current move towards improving the human rights situation in Burma/Myanmar, children participated in the World’s Children’s Prize Program and the Global Vote – often in secret.

Proud of taking part
“If I were king or prime minister or a politician, I would work for the rights of the child. I would make decisions and invest money in helping children. Oppression and forced labour are the most important child rights issues here. Many people live their whole lives without knowing that the rights of the child exist. We have to work to raise awareness of them. Our rights are important for us children, and I like the World’s Children’s Prize and how it supports children. I am proud of being part of the World’s Children’s Prize, and the Global Vote Day is an unforgettable experience for many of us. It is wonderful that so many learn more about the rights of the child.”
Naw Hser Bwet Wah, 12 (above)

Boy sitting at desk working

Taught me the rights of the child
“Before, I didn’t know what the rights of the child were. Now that I know all about them, I want to teach adults about them so that they respect our rights. I learned about the rights of the child through The Globe. It is good for everyone, and teaches many people about children’s rights. We had meetings to decide who should do what on Global Vote Day, and we made it happen together. Adults here often force children to do work that is not suitable for children. When I grow up I will give children the right to decide for themselves.”
Saw Wee Htoo, 17


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