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Speed dating on lifestyle issues

In many parts of the world, resources are used up much quicker than the Earth can cope with. Major changes are needed to our lifestyles and consumption, at an individual, national and global level, if the world is to be able to achieve the Global Goals by 2030.


To understand the importance of each individual examining the size of their ecological footprint, and, if needed, considering what they might do to reduce their footprint.


Set out furniture as described. Also make sure your pupils have a basic knowledge of the Global Goals and about the potential impact of their personal choices.

Do it like this

  1. Start by refurnishing the classroom so that you have one long table with chairs along both long sides. Alternatively you can put two rows of chairs against each other without a table.
  2. The students sit on the chairs so that they look at each other.
  3. Ask the question: What can you imagine changing in your lifestyle?
  4. Ge dina elever en fråga från listan och 30 sekunders betänketid där de funderar på frågan.
  5. Give your students a question from the list and 30 seconds reflection time where they consider the issue.
  6. Students discuss the issue with their partner for one minute.
  7. Raise the issue in the whole group.
  8. The students on one side of the table get up and move a step so that everyone gets a new conversation partner.
  9. You ask a new question and repeat the procedure until questions run out.

Questions to use: Could you...

  • …use less water?
  • …sort your rubbish more for recycling?
  • …shower instead of taking a bath?
  • …go vegetarian, or eat less meat?
  • …use cloth bags for fruit and vegetables?
  • …stop using plastic bags?
  • …buy more from second-hand markets and shops?
  • …buy less?
  • …wash your clothes at 40 degrees instead of 60?
  • …choose organic food where possible?
  • …keep your mobile for as long as it works?
  • …cycle, or take the bus or train instead of the car when you can?
  • …give up air travel?
  • …stop leaving your computer, TV and games on standby?
  • …only use LED bulbs?
  • …choose locally produced goods (when they are available)?