Paulo quit school at the age of 13 and started hunting full-time. It felt pointless carrying on at school, because there aren’t any jobs where he lives.

"But I’ve had enough now", Paulo says . "Lots of poachers and rangers are getting killed. Poaching has to stop”. Paulo, 16, lives in a village near Limpopo National Park in Mozambique. “People have always hunted here to survive. It’s a way of life, we are hunters. I think that’s why many continue to hunt even though it’s a crime. That’s how it is for me. Both my dad and my grandfather are hunters. I’m just doing what they do.

100,000 children – a whole generation– in and around a national park in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, who are being educated through the Peace & Changemaker Generation project, as changemakers who can take a stand against wildlife crime, and for girl’s rights in their communities. The project is a partnership between the World’s Children’s Prize Foundation and Peace Parks Foundation.


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