Bare feet running
Run or walk on 1 April

On 1 April, all the children and young people participating in the World’s Children’s Prize program will join in the Round the Globe Run for a Better World. On this day, you will present your ideas on how to achieve the Global Goals where you live and in your country. You will also either walk or run together on this day, maybe 100 turns around the globe, for a better world!

Start 1 April with a cere­mony for the Global Goals, at which you tell the adult world how you want things to be and what you all need to do, together. Then all pupils will form a long human chain, fingertip to fingertip. It’d be great if you could display your pos­ters too. Remember that you are doing this alongside over a million pupils at the same time!

The human chain is the beginning of you taking your message around the world. You’ll extend your chain by walking or running three kilometres. The circumference of the Earth is 40,076 kilometres. We need just over 1.3 million children to reach round the globe one hundred times with your message for a better world!

children forming human chain

On 1 April, children around the world will form human chains and stand up for change!

Be prepared!

While you’re working with the WCP program and learning about children’s rights and the Global Goals, think about what changes you’d like to see and help bring about to increase respect for the rights of the child and help achieve the Global Goals. In the run up to 1 April, you can put into words your ideas on how to make your area and your country better. You can write poems, give a talk, post messages via social media and make posters or banners. Invite the media, local organ­izations, politicians and other leaders, parents and the public to your day for the Global Goals and a better world.

Symbols for Global Goals 5, 10 and 16

The Round the Globe Run for a Better World is mostly about Goal 5 (for gender equality and equal rights for girls), Goal 10 (reduced inequal­ities) and Goal 16 (justice and peaceful societies).

Tell us about your day!

Don’t forget to take photographs and video from your Round the Globe-run for a better world. Send them to us, at info@worldschildrensprize. Or tag them in your social media with #rounthegloberun and #worldschildrensprize, so that everybody can see what you have achiveed, and what we have all achieved together for a better world!

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