Kim and Hassan stand on a table, opening the run.
Round and round the Globe

Since 2019, millions of children have trekked over five million kilometers Round the Globe for rights and change.

In Zimbabwe, WCP Child Rights Ambassadors Kim and Hassan organized the Round the Globe trek in their village and school, Hurungwe Primary School in Murehwa. Kim said that it felt nice to know that they in Murewa were joining many children in many countries.
   "We were all showing our support at the same time for children's rights and the Global Goals. We must all get involved in changing our countries and we must change a lot, both in Zimbabwe and around the world.”

Watch and be inspired!

Kids walking with signs.

Children in the city of Bunia in DR Congo march together during their trek Round the Globe

Well prepared

In participating countries, children made posters where they highlighted their most important issues. Peace and Justice, is what it said on most of the posters when schools in the city of Bunia in DR Congo marched together. It’s hardly surprising that the children want to see peace and justice in a country where several armed groups have been fighting since 1998, and where many children have been killed or forced to become child soldiers.

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Two boys in Zimbabwe stand up for girls’ rights.

In snow and extreme heat

From the snowy north of Sweden, to the extreme heat in the brick kiln of Pakistan, children formed human chains and went on to walk or run 3 km. Some used skis, others walked, ran or rolled on roller sates and in wheelchairs. How will you achieve your 3 km next time?

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Children in the north of Sweden formed a human chain on skis! They had help from Olympic ski champion, Anders Södergren. Can you spot him in the line? (Tip: He is the tallest one!)
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Filmed interview

Reach out through the media

In Zimbabwe, one of the country’s main News Shows and interviewed Child Rights ambassadors Kim and Hassan.
   “We say to adults that girls and boys should be treated the same, and we have equal rights.” In the news item, it was also said that: “The Child Rights Ambassadors say climate change is the biggest threat to children’s rights in the world.”

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The children in BRIC School in Chah Tamoli, Pakistan, come from families who are debt slaves at brick kilns, and they have to make bricks themselves after the end of the school day.
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Round the Globe in Mozambique.

“For me, Round the Globe shows society that we children demand to be able to live in a peaceful world where there is no violence, and where children are not taken advantage of. We demand an end to the sexual exploitation of girls, and we are showing that we young people want to achieve something when we participate, says Aline, 13, from Mozambique.
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