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Who should act?

Today, children across the globe are fighting for their right and the right of future generations to inherit a world where people and the environment are healthy.

Children are demanding that adults and decision-makers listen to science and do everything they can to stop climate change and build sustainable societies.

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A girl in India, from Barefoot College, uses a lamp powered by the sun.

Live sustainably

Everyone needs to try and live sustainably. But it is the emissions from and wastage by rich countries over a long period of time that are the biggest cause of the current climate crisis. Rich countries must now support poorer countries where children are suffering the effects of climate change.

Girls holding sign: Stop Climat Change

You and other young people can be part of the change, but the adult world and decision makers must take responsibility and make the right decisions to make real change happen. Here, children in Zimbabwe make their demands during the World’s Children’s Prize Program.


The environmentally harmful way that rich people have long been using resources to live comfortable lives has had catastrophic consequences. We now need more climate-smart alternatives, so that everyone on Earth can live a decent life. Rich countries have a big responsibility here to lead and finance developments.


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