Boys walking with signs along highway in dry African  landscape.
Round the Globe Guide

Students bring their messages on a 3 km trek for rights and change – a natural and powerful end to Changemaker Day.

Bring your messages on a 3 km trek for rights and change – a natural and powerful end to Changemaker Day.

Children in Zimabwe want equal rights for girls and boys!

Together with other children around the world, students will cover many laps around the globe and share their messages about rights and change with everyone around you and with local media. They can walk or run, dance or even roller skate!

Pick a good destination

Maybe the students want to walk to the town centre or to a place where decision makers gather? The more people who get to see what the children have to say, the better and more fun and exciting it is.

Some children, like here in Kathmandu, Nepal, ask local police to walk with them for safety, especially if there is heavy traffic in the area.

Watch for inspiration!

Watch videos from when children in Sweden and Zimbabwe walk, run and or ski for their rights! In the north of Sweden, childen chose to go around the globe on skis!


Report how many children participated in your Round the Globe for Rights and Change activity . If you have a WCP Coordinator in your country, always report to them. Otherwise, report via email to or to the report engine. Then we can calculate how many laps around the globe the children have completed so far!



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