Young boy in Nepal in a colorful voting booth.
Guide to the
Global Vote

When students participate and work practically with the voting process on Changemaker Day, it helps them understand how democracy works in practice.

Organize the space for the vote by decorating and setting up tables for election officials, the ballot box and the voting booths.

Election officers assist

One by one students step up to one of the election officials. The election officials hand out a ballot paper to each child, and tick them off in the voting register.

Step into the booth

The children step into the voting booth alone, one at a time, with their ballot paper in hand. Once inside they mark their choice. They fold the marked ballot paper so that nobody can see how they voted.

Cast the vote

After leaving the booth, each child takes their folded ballot paper and casts their vote in the ballot box.

No cheating!

Each person who has voted is marked with ink, a stamp or pen, to make sure that no one tries to vote twice!

Count the votes

Once everyone has voted, the vote counters and election supervisors begin their work, counting the number of votes for each candidate. Finally, the result of the school’s Global Vote can be announced.

All are honoured!

The Global Vote is not a competition. Whoever gets the majority of the votes receive the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. The other two receive the World’s Children’s Honorary Award. All are honoured at the WCP Ceremony and receive prize money towards their work for children’s rights.

Report the votes!

Your Global Vote can take place anytime up to 1 October 2023. On that day, by latest midnight, your votes must be reported to the WCP. All votes from around the world are added together, so tell us the results for each of the candidates!

If you have a WCP Coordinator in your country, report to them. Otherwise, report in the onlineballot box or to


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