Boys on raft in flooded village.
Climate and children’s rights

“Climate change is leading to the violation of many of the rights of the child in Bangladesh. Here’s my list of violations,” says Rezwan:

Children are not getting an education because their schools are being destroyed and closed.

  • Children’s families are getting poorer, which means less food, no health care and child marriage is increasing.
  • Children are being forced to leave their homes.
  • Children are losing their homes and families.
  • Children are getting sick.
  • Children are dying.

Bangladesh disappearing

Bangladesh has always had flooding during the rainy season, but climate change is making the situation much worse. Higher temperatures are melting the glaciers in the Himalayas, increasing the amount of water in the rivers that flow through Bangladesh. The river channels cannot cope with all the water when the monsoon rain arrives, and they overflow and land disappears. Meanwhile, global warming is causing sea levels to rise, leaving Bangladesh’s coastal areas under water.

Photo: UN Women/Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

The rain and floods are more severe, unpredictable, come more often and last longer. It’s hard for people to sow crops and harvest them.

Despite Bangladesh being responsible for less than a thousandth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, it is one of the countries that is affected the worst by global warming. Researchers on the UN Climate Panel estimate that almost a fifth of Bangladesh will completely disappear under water by 2050, and that 20 million of the country’s inhabitants will become climate refugees.

3 million homeless

The flooding in Bangladesh in 2022:
  • Impacted the lives of almost 11 million people.
  • Caused the deaths of 145 people.
  • Made 3 million people homeless.
  • Destroyed 6,676 schools.
  • Affected the education of 1.5 million children.


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