three children with facepaint
Colourful boys

Friends Castro, David and Jan got ready for the Global Vote by writing WCPRC on each other’s faces in bright colours.

“We wrote WCPRC on our faces because we’re proud to be part of the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. Voting feels like an important and solemn act, because we are showing our support for people who fight for the rights of the child. And just by voting, we too are fighting for the rights of the child,” says Castro.
   “Exactly! That’s what the World’s Children’s Prize is all about. Children all over the world getting together to fi ght for all children to have good lives,” says David.
   “It’s so important that we’ve written WCPRC across our faces. We want everyone to see what we’re fi ghting for,” says Jan.

Castro, 11, David, 13, and Jan, 12, from Joel Omino Primary School.

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