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Create an exhibition

Create an exhibition where you can share how important it is that all children around the world have rights! Rights like going to school, playing, being safe, and many more

It can be super fun to set up an exhibition at school about children's rights and how we can make the world a better place for everyone. The best part is, everyone can help and contribute! You can use and share all the knowledge and inspiration you have gained through the WCP Program!

What can you do?

  • Paint pictures that show what children's rights mean to you.
  • Write poem or short stories.
  • Create posters or models showing sharing facts and stories, and ideas on how you'd like to change the world.

Who's invited?

Once everything is ready, you can invite our families, classmates, and teachers to come and see what we've created. You can also include local leaders. It'll be like a little party for a big cause!

When and where can it happen?

Any time, really but ideally on your own Changemaker Day. The, you have learnt enough and have had time to create great stuff. as you organize your Global Vote and other activities, visitors and participants can look at your creations and listen to speeches and poems from stage! You can display it in a class rom, in the school's gym och perhaps the auditorium.

Together, we can all learn more, share our ideas, and inspire others to make a difference. Let's show everyone ho


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