Children demonstrationg for child rights in school yard
My Voice for Change

It is time for the children to make their voices heard and tell everybody what changes they want to see where they live, in their country and even the world.

With signs against child marriage and violence against children, and for the right of girls to go to school, equal rights for all children and the fight to combat climate change, children in many schools and countries make their voices heard. They want to see change, so that children’s rights are better respected.

Begin with a gathering in the school grounds, perhaps with music and performances. If you have invited parents, perhaps also local leaders and media, the students can welcome them and show their messages on placards and posters.

Children can invite local media to get their messages out to more people, like here, in Zimbabwe.

You may have prepared speeches, poems or quotes from Child Rights Heroes and vulnerable children, to read out loud. You can also answer questions from the audience and highlight challenges in your own everyday lives.

A girl in Sweden holds up her sign demanding equality!

Also talk about the changes you want to see for increased respect for children’s rights in your village or town and country. Finally, end the day by walking, dancing or running Round the Globe for Rights and Change.

Top image: Before students in Hurungwe in Zimbabwe set off on their Round the Globe trek they gather in the school grounds to share their messages and give speeches.


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