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A day in the life

What does your day look like compared with children in other countries and environments?


To discover similarities and differences between their own daily lives and life in other countries and environments.


The Globe magazine and website feature lots of examples of children’s stories about their daily lives, from morning to evening. Find examples in the right column to download from around the world.

Do it like this

  1. The pupils read about one of the children, look at the images and try to identify with their day.
  2. Based on the idea of a picture story from ‘A day in the life’, pupils create their own story from morning to evening, including times and images. It could be drawn, cut out and stuck in; it could be text and images or just text. Each person decides which events during the day they want to include.
  3. When they have finished, divide your pupils up into pairs or groups and let them show each other their days.
  4. Finish by reflecting as a class – how did pupils’ days compare with each other, and perhaps more importantly with the children they read about at the start.