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Maiti Nepal

Maiti Nepal and its founder Anuradha Koirala received The World's Children's Prize 2002 for its fight against the slave trade in girls from Nepal, who are trafficked to brothels in India.

Maiti prevents poor girls from being lured to brothels by educating and informing them. Maiti takes care of and supports girls who have been held in brothels in India, and has a special hospital for girls who have been infected with HIV. Some of these girls have become Maiti border guards, who stop human traffickers when they try to bring girls to India.

Maiti works with Rescue Center in Mumbai in India, whose employees risk their lives to free girls locked up in brothels. Together with Maiti, World’s Children’s Prize trains girls in Nepal to become Child Rights Ambassadors.

Learn more about Maiti in the Globe Magazine:

Text: Sofia Klemming
Photos: Tora Mårtens

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