WCP Child Juror gives Nelson Mandela a copy of the Globe magazine.
We love Madiba!

Nelson Mandela, or Madiba as all the children of South Africa know him, got behind the World’s Children’s Prize as a Patron. He was a strong believer in the rights of the child.

Nelson Mandela is still a hero to children all over the world, but here is what some children in his home country South Africa thinks about him.

“Mandela proved that everything’s possible. He went from being a prisoner to a president." Ntando, 11

“I loved Mandela. We had the same birthday. I once sent him a birthday card and asked him if he wanted to be my extra dad.” Kefiloe, 10

“Mandela fought for our rights and saved our country. It would’ve been terrible for us if he hadn’t. If I’d met him I’d have said, “Pleased to meet you – and thanks for our freedom!” Zanele, 12

“Everything about Nelson Mandela is fantastic. I wish that I could wake up one morning with the same kind heart as he has. Then I’d make the whole world happy. I’m really proud of him.” Gaba, 11

“Nelson Mandela had a good heart... He was in prison for 27 years, but he didn’t want revenge. He wanted peace and to show that black and white people can live in harmony. Awesome!” Phumeza, 14

“For me Nelson Mandela’s a hero. He always thought the best of people and he trusted children. He knew that they have talent and that they can succeed if only they get the chance.” Abae, 12


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