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Child Rights Heroes 2023

In 2023, millions of children around the world will be taking part in the 20th Global Vote to award prizes to Child Rights Heroes, who are all doing fantastic work to support vulnerable children and their rights. To date, almost 46 million children have voted for their favourite Child Rights Hero.

Child Rights Heroes 2023

Mohammed Rezwan, Bangladesh, has been nominated for his 25-year campaign for children’s right, and particularly girls’ right to go to school, despite flooding and increased poverty due to climate change.

Cindy Blackstock, Canada, has been nominated for her 30-year struggle for Indigenous children’s equal rights to good schools and health, to be with their families and feel pride in their language and culture.

Thích Nu Minh Tú, Vietnam, is being nominated for her almost 40-year long struggle for orphaned and abandoned children, and for children who cannot grow up with their families.

Children choose

Every year, the World’s Children’s Prize Child Jury selects three Child Rights Heroes from among the nominated candidates. These three become the final candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child.

A fair vote

To enable all children to make an informed and fair choice in the Global Vote, it is important to know about all three candidates equally. You can read all about them and the children they fight for online and in The Globe.

All are honored

The two candidates who are not awarded the prize from the children’s votes receive the World’s Children’s Honorary Award. All three Child Rights Heroes receive prize money to be used in their work for children.

Please note that the prize cannot be awarded based solely on votes from a candidate’s own country. If the children in all the other countries have collectively chosen a different recipient for the World’s Children’s Prize, then this Child Rights Hero will receive the prize.


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