Anna Molell
Anna Mollel
Anna Mollel was honoured by the World’s Children’s Prize in 2012 for her over 20-year struggle for children with disabilities in poor rural areas in north-eastern Tanzania.

Thanks to Anna and her organisation, Huduma ya Walemavu, thousands of children with disabilities have a chance to live the life they deserve. They get medical care, operations, physiotherapy, therapy, wheelchairs and other aids, the chance to go to school, safety, and love. Anna is constantly speaking out on behalf of the children through talking about their rights with politicians, organisations and, more than anything, with people living in remote rural villages.

Since 1990, 12,500 children, mostly Maasais, have had a better life thanks to Anna and Huduma ya Walemavu. These are children who would have been neglected, abandoned and could even have died if it hadn’t been for Anna’s struggle for their rights.

Learn more about Anna in the Globe Magazine from 2012:

Text: Andreas Lönn, Photos: Tora Mårtens

The facts and figures on this page were accurate at the time of writing, in 2012

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