Anna with children and mothers
Anna Mollel

Anna Mollel has been nominated to become the WCP Decade Child Rights Hero 2020, for her fight for differently abled Maasai children and other children living in poverty in rural areas of northern Tanzania.


The Maasai are herders, but they have become increasingly poor since the start of the 20th century. Their land has been taken and sold to rich businessmen. The Maasai have been forced to move to areas with no grazing for their livestock, and no land for cultivating. Children who are differently-abled are often kept hidden away, or abandoned by their parents due to poverty and prejudice.


Anna and her organization Huduma ya Walemavu give children with disabilities the chance to live a dignified life. They are offered health care, operations, physiotherapy, therapy and access to wheelchairs and other mobility aids, and the opportunity to go to school and to feel safe and loved. Parents are supported and educated, so they are able, and want to look after their children at home. As a pensioner, Anna now runs her own school for vulnerable children.


Since 1990, around 15,000 children, mainly differently-abled Maasai children, have been given a better life through Anna’s work. Anna also represents the children’s interests in contact with politicians and organizations, and demands that their rights are respected.

Anna contributes towards fulfilling the Global Goals, including:

Goal 1: No poverty. Goal 4: Every child’s right to quality education. Goal 10: Reduced inequalities. Goal 11: Differently-abled people share the same rights as everyone else.


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