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Be a Child Rights Ambassador

Any young person who wants to become a changemaker for a better world can be a WCP Child Rights Ambassador.

What does it involve?

As a young Ambassador you become an important role model for other children, as well as adults. You carry out teaching and activities to promote the Rights of the Child, especially equal rights for girls. You are also at the forefront of inviting local leaders and the media to activities where children demand respect for their rights and share knowledge on important issues.

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Teaching adults

For things to really change for the better for children, adults must respect the rights of the child. Unfortunately, in many communities this is not the case. Therefore, WCP Child Rights Ambassadors educate adults, including teachers and school principals, local politicians, traditional leaders, police officers and parents. This includes information about:
• The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
• Girls’ equal rights to, for example, education, health, play, and protection against violence and exploitation.
• The WCP program and The Globe.

It makes adults more aware of how child rights violations can have a negative effect on children and, in turn, their communities. This encourages them to change their ways, accept responsibility and also change rules and regulations that are bad for children.

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Together with others, you can set up and run WCP Child Rights Clubs at schools. The clubs then use the WCP Program to educate and empower even more children, and make their voices heard. This includes organizing the Global Vote, the Round the Globe Run and No Litter Day.

This Guide contains many ideas and activities to use during teaching and while organizing the different steps in the WCP program.

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