Villagers marching and playing music
Celebrate the girls!

Annandhi’s aunt has had a baby girl and the whole village is organising a welcome party for her. It was the idea of the villagers and Rosi’s partners to throw parties for newborn girls, to show everyone that this is something to celebrate.

The women and girls of the village form a procession along the streets towards the home of the newborn girl, singing and playing music.

Below, Sonia, 12 years old, is carrying one of the two coconut plants that are given to every newborn girl. After three years, they bear fruit that the families can sell. The extra income pays for the girls’ schooling and later their marriages.

Girl holding coconut plant
Two goats hanging out

Every family receives two goats, that provide milk and kids.

Village women put a black dot on baby’s forehead

Black dots on the face are meant to bring protection from evil spirits!

Baby feet with bangles around ancles

The baby girl receives gifts – a new dress, food, and jewellery.


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