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Children of war

People like our plays!
“Many people are afraid to come to West Point. A lot of former rebel soldiers live here, and people are poor. There are many children here who have been kidnapped from villages in the country and brought here to work for someone, begging or selling different things. They don’t go to school and are treated like slaves.

Poor girls are exploited by older men. Sometimes the man offers to pay the girl’s school fees, but only if he can exploit her.

We do street theatre to help people understand that it’s wrong to treat childre like that. YAI supports us because they believe it’s important for people to know what’s happening to children. People like our plays and discussions often arise afterwards.”
Philomena, 15




Good at drawing
“My father thinks it’s good that I work and earn money for my school fees. At the moment I’m selling soap. I would rather paint adverts outside shops. I’m really good at drawing.”

Prince, 15, Soap seller




I want to be the president of Liberia!
“I’m so happy to have started school here. It’s like a real school, but more fun. I used to have to work every day and wash clothes, fetch water and go to the market for food. But one day my aunt told me about the extra school, where children can learn things, and said that I could go! Now I can write my name and I have loads of new friends. I want to be the president of Liberia. When I’m president I will lower the price of rice, because poor people can’t afford to buy it.”
Rina, 9, student at YAI’s extra school






Below: Philomena, 15 and Prince, 15