Deborah portrait
Together we are strong!

“I have just become a Child Rights Ambassador for girls’ rights.

I’m a member of a WCP Child Rights Club too. This gives me a chance to tell other girls about our rights. Because we really need that here in Ghana.
“We girls have to work our fingers to the bone at home. It’s terrible! Not fair at all! Boys should share this work with us. We should share everything equally. We have the same rights to a good education and good jobs. We are clever too. We can do anything that boys can do. Often we can even do it better! 
“As an ambassador, I want to encourage all girls and women to dare to demand to be treated well. We have to take a stand!
“Something awful happened to one of my best friends. Her family is poor. One day, a man in his fifties said to her mother, “If you give me the girl, I’ll make sure you get food, money and everything else you need.”
“My friend’s mother gave her away to the man. She was only thirteen then. Now I know that what happened to her is part of the child sex trade. I helped her to get to hospital first, and then to the police. I encourage her to keep attending school and to join in with our Child Rights Club. She needs our support, because otherwise she is left alone with her traumatic experiences. In our villages we have a saying: ‘Together we build. Alone we fall.’ That’s exactly how things are with the Child Rights Club and girls’ rights. Together we are stronger!
“In the future I want to be a TV newsreader, and tell people about what is happening in the world.”

Deborah, 14, WCP Child Rights Ambassador, Ada, Ghana


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