Prosper talks to friend in school
Prosper fights for girls

Prosper, 13, one of the school radio reporters at High Class Radio Station, who was covering today's Global Vote.

“Today I am a reporter at our school radio station, High Class Radio Station 93.1. I am asking my schoolmates for their thoughts on voting. Everyone I have spoken to thinks this is an important day because it is about our rights, which is the most important thing ever. All the people I have interviewed agree that nobody should be allowed to violate our rights. We learn that from the World's Children's Prize. And once we know our rights we can also protect ourselves better.
“The WCP ambassadors have helped the girls at our school to start a WCP Child Rights Club, but us boys haven't been invited to join yet. I hope we will be soon, because this is important for us too.
“But here in Ghana, life is harder for girls, so I understand why they are making clubs for themselves first and finding out about their rights. But after that I think it would be great if we could join. After all, if life is to improve for girls in the future, we boys need to learn that girls have exactly the same rights that we have.
“Today has been a fantastic day. It felt amazing to vote and show our support for REAL leaders who fight for our rights. Now we're going to write up our notes so that everyone in our school can read about all the important things that happened here today.”

Prosper, 13, High Class Academy.


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