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“Boys and girls are not treated equally here.

When it’s time for cooking or cleaning, the parents say that the boys can go out and play with their friends, while the girls are forced to stay in and work in the home. I think that the boys should help us with housework. We girls would also like the chance to play and have fun sometimes.
“At home, if I ask permission to go and visit my friends I get a beating, because my parents think I’m going to meet boys. Sometimes to punish me my parents withhold the money I need for school fees and books, which makes it hard for me to attend school. Sometimes they even deny me food. They would never do those things to a boy.
“Now I’m a Child Rights Ambassador and a member of a WCP Child Rights Club. At the club we learn that we girls actually have exactly the same rights as boys. Before, I had no idea about my rights. Thanks to the club I now know what my friends and I should be fighting for!
“In the future I want to be a police officer. I think female police officers have an important job to do.”

Sarah, 15, WCP Child Rights Ambassador, Ada, Ghana


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