Children in schooluniforms sitting together on a low wall.
Together we are strong

“When the girls who had been on the Child Rights Ambassador training in Harare came back to our village, they started this Child Rights Club that I am a member of.

The ambassadors told us everything they had learned about girls’ rights. That we girls must be allowed to go to school. And that we must never be sold as slaves, which is common here in Zimbabwe. Girls are kept imprisoned by men who use them as slaves. It makes me so angry just thinking about that!
Together in a Child Rights Club, we are much stronger than we are alone. If someone is unwell or is being subjected to abuse, we can help one another. And when we know our rights as a group, it becomes harder for others to treat us badly. That is important, because it is common for boys and men to treat girls and women badly here. 
Early this morning we came to the school and prepared our Global Vote. Along with the Child Rights Ambassadors, all the members of the Child Rights Club were responsible for ensuring everything went smoothly. The Global Vote is important because it’s not just about voting, it’s about learning about our rights before we vote. The Global Vote is extremely important for us girls. We learn about our rights and we often vote for people who are fighting for girls’ rights in particular.”

Faina, 13, member of WCP Child Rights Club, Sadza Primary School, Zimbabwe


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