Children gathered in school yard
Same rights as boys

“As Child Rights Ambassadors, our main task is to teach other girls about their rights and combat the child sex trade.

The more we know, the easier it becomes to guard and defend our rights. This is really needed here. Life is not the same for boys and girls in Zimbabwe.
Many girls are not allowed to go to school and end up in the child sex trade instead. Many parents actually believe that girls shouldn’t go to school at all. They think that their daughters should find a man to marry as soon as possible instead. It pains me to hear this, because it is so wrong. We have the same right to a good life as boys!
Now the girls we taught have become new Child Rights Ambassadors and they in turn are teaching new girls about their rights. This is how life is going to get better for us Zimbabwean girls in the future!”

Loveness, 12, WCP Child Rights Ambassador, Sadza Primary School, Zimbabwe

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