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Global Goals for a better world

In many ways, our world is fantastic. We can be with our friends, enjoy nature, make important discoveries and fly to the moon! But our world also has many problems, such as war and violations of the rights of the child. Our world is unjust, but we can change it.

The countries of the world have agreed to achieve three extraordinary things by the year 2030: End extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustice and stop climate change. In order to achieve this, the countries have set up 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. All the goals are equally important and interlinked.

Global goals grid in English

The governments of each country are mainly responsible for achieving the goals and for making changes that help achieve the goals. But if the world is to have any chance of achieving these goals, then everyone has to be aware of them and get involved and help make changes! That means both adults and children. Even small things can make a big difference.

The rights of the child

The Global Goals are linked to the rights of the child. If the goals are achieved, then the situation for children around the world will improve. If they are not achieved, it will mean that children will continue to be treated badly and that children’s rights will not be respected. That must not happen!

> Go here to find some examples of how the Global Goals are linked to the rights of the child.


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