Girl with press card.
Come along on
the Global Trip

It’s important to get the all your students involved and absorbed in the simulated journey from the very beginning.

Split the class into groups and hand out the Reporters needed’ advertisment (pdf). It describes the assignment for travelling reporters. Explain that the students are going to be reporters, and that you are the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Friend News Agency.
   Tell them a little about the World’s Children’s prize and the upcoming Global Vote. Explain that the reporters’ task is to gather knowledge and communicate it to all who have the right to vote. Then have the students read and discuss the advert and the assignment in smaller groups.

Let the students apply for a challenging job!
Hand out the application form for reporters – Reporter Application (pdf) – and have them fill in the form in groups. Every reporter team has to find a name for their group and write down what makes them the right people for the job!
   Collect the forms and have the groups present what they talked about, and the difficulties/questions that came up. Then give press passes (pdf) to all the reporters.

Who should go where?
You can choose to have all the groups go to all the countries, or you can give each group a country. This is partly dependent on how much time you and your class are able to spend on the simulated journey. Of course, travelling to several countries requires more time, but it also gives all the students a broader base of knowledge for their participation in the Global Vote.

What does a reporter do?
Perhaps the students need more information on what a reporter does when in the country? Have the students read the Interview (pdf) with one of the reporters for The Globe magazine. The reporter explains how to prepare for and carry out a journalist’s assignment. Another option is to have two students act out the interview in front of the rest of the class.


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