Vaccination card.
Practical preparations

The preparatory stage of the journey should include all the preparations that a real-life journalist travel assignment demands. You can choose to complete all these elements, or to focus on a few individual elements.

The preparations for the journey include a host of activities that involve many different school subjects. For example, finding information about traveldocuments  is one aspect, and finding out about conditions in the destination countries is another.
   The students can use the Internet and contact embassies and travel agencies by phone or email. Daily newspapers and the school library are other useful information sources. Travel clinics and Bureaux de change can give information about vaccinations, currencies and exchange rates.
   You can create a station in the classroom, or somewhere else in the school, for each step of the preparations. The school dining room, or even a corner in a corridor, can be temporarily transformed into a bank branch or a travel agency. Perhaps you can get vaccination cards from the school nurse?

Important documents before and during the journey!
Hand out travel documents to the students, to heighten the sense that the journey is ‘for real’. You can download documents here, such as visa applications, vaccination cards, and bank cards. You can link these documents to specific activities.
   Begin by choosing which activities you want the students to complete as part of their travel preparations. Then hand out the required documents, as well as the assignment description.

What can be included in the travel preparations?
To be able to pack the right things and prepare themselves properly, the students need to find out as much as possible about the conditions in the destination country, visa regulations and so on.
   To be able to fill in the Country facts, they must find out everything from climate and form of government to time differences, visa regulations and how freedom of speech is viewed. Is it dangerous for reporters to visit this particular country? Once the facts have been filled in, you can complete the Packing list and other documents.

Text ©: The Global Trip is created by Maj Stoddard with inspiration from Jackie Lawson.


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