diaries and logbooks on a table
Logs and diaries adds value to the trip

The diary or log is a great documentation and evaluation tool that can be used from start to finish, throughout the learning process. It may be only the student who uses it and reads it, or the diaries may be gathered in and read by the teacher on a regular basis.

Giving the students a chance to write a personal diary/log over the course of a long project is a good way of helping them reflect over their values and what they are learning. The students get to think about what has been important, fun and difficult, and which elements have made them sad or happy or sparked their interest. These observations may be large or small, and may be to do with the effort they themselves have put in, or with the work of the teacher. It may be important to give the students some questions to answer at the beginning, so that they can figure out what to focus on.

What should the diary look like?
The diary/log can be kept on a mobile, ipad or computer, or o paper, in a regular notebook, or a few sheets of paper stapled together. Many use both a digital and a paper format.

How to get started
1. Give each student their own personal diary/log book and/or have them start a new document or choose a suitable app on their mobile device.
2. Ask the students to write their names on their diaries. Explain when how they should be used.
3. Have the students update their written evaluations regularly. Set time aside for the students to write in their diaries. If you have chosen an approach where you read the students' diaries on a regular basis, you can collect and read them after each element of the journey has been completed.

Text ©: The Global Trip is created by Maj Stoddard with inspiration from Jackie Lawson.



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