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The Globe



Guide for teachers and WCP Child Rights Ambassadors



Guide for WCP Child Rights Ambassadors

Download guide


Download ballots

Video about the WCP Program

Download video (750 MB)

Child Rights and the Global Goals

Download as PDF.

UN Convention for the Rights of the Child in basic version

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Child Rights

How are the World’s Children?

Quiz about the WCP Candidates and Child Rights Heroes

Test your knowledge and learn more through a fun and educational Quiz.
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Video about the WCP Candidates and Child Rights Heroes

Watch videos about the WCP Candidates.
Watch the videos on the web here, via YouTube, or download below.

Murhabazi Namegabe

Anna Mollel

James Kofi Annan

Malala Yousafzai

Phymean Noun

Manuel Rodrigues

Rachel Lloyd

Ashok Dyalchand

Country Fact Sheets

Candidates’ countries







R.D. Congo (in French)

Guineé Bissau (in French)

Find more country fact sheets here

Video: Round the Globe Run

Watch clips where kids participate in Round the Globe Run for a better world. Learn more in The Globe and here.

Round the Globe Run in the snow


Jorden Runt-Loppet i Zimbabwe!


Video: No Litter Generation

Watch clips connected to No Litter Generation, in which kids learn about the consequences of littering and about climate change and the environment. Learn more in The Globe and here.

No Litter Generation


No Litter Generation in Zimbabwe


No Litter Generation in Pakistan


Video: Peace & Changemaker Generation

Watch clips about children growing up in areas where children’s rights as well as wildlife and the environment is under threat, in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Learn more about the Peace & Changemaker Generation in The Globe and here.

Cycling towards my dream

Afraid of being married off

Download the videos

Quiz about wildlife, child rights and the environment

Test your knowledge and learn more through a fun and educational Quiz. > Try the Quiz

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