A girl and boy standing on village road.
have been EDUCATED &

75,000 schools in 120 countries have got behind
the World’s Children’s Prize since year 2000

Child Rights Heroes honoured!

In a global vote, millions of children have chosen Cindy Blackstock, champion of Indigenous children in Canada for 30+ years, as recipient of the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. The honorary awards went to Mohammed Rezwan and Thích Nu Minh Tú.

Nepali girls painting a sign
Girls showing signs about children's and girls' rights.

Organize a Changemaker Day

Children in schools around the world make their voices heard and tell everyone what changes they want to see where they live, in their country and in the world.

Watch the 20th WCP Ceremony!

On October 4th, Child Rights Heroes were celebrated at a child-led ceremony where Queen Silvia of Sweden helped distribute the prizes. Now you can watch the ceremony afterwards.

African girl speaks at podium.

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