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It's becoming increasingly important to communicate your news via social media. Share news about the World's Children's Prize and the rights of the child on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and/or via other online platforms you normally use.  

Are you planning to hold a World's Children's Press Conference? When you invite journalists to a World's Children's Press Conference via email and phone, you can follow up by contacting them on social media as well. Write direct to newspapers, TV, radio and individual journalists on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for example.
   At the press conference itself you can urge everyone to share information about WCP and the World's Children's Press Conference via their social media channels. If your class and/or school has a Facebook page or an Instagram account, you can make sure the news is posted there too. You can even do a live broadcast of your World's Children's Press Conference on Facebook, for example.

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Good photos always create more interest! For example, if you post on Facebook and Instagram we'll be happy for you to use press images from WCP. It doesn't cost anything, but make sure you always write the photographer's name and that the images come from WCP!
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Send us photos and quotes!
Here at WCP we're really interested in how you work with the WCP program and we're keen to post images online and via our own social media about your work, to inspire others. So please do send in your photos and accounts to It can be anything from pictures of you doing various activities, to photos of your drawings, posters, home-made ballot boxes and other stuff. We must have the parents' permission to be able to publish images of children.

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We'd love you to share posts, images and other information from World's Children's Prize channels.
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