Children’s Press Conference Ghana
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Planning to organize a World's Children's Press Conference at your school? You'll find everything you need here. (Some links will not be activated until April).

Important documents
> Draft script
> Draft invitation

Press kit
The press kit contains factsheets about the candidates, about WCP and the WCP program - material that you can hand out to the media once the press conference is over. The press kit is kept up-to-date with the latest information.
> Download

All about the candidates
You'll find everything you need to know about the Child Rights Heroes who are candidates for the World's Children's Prize here.
Spès Nihangaza
Ashok Dyalchand
Guylande Mésadieu

No Litter Generation
You'll find everything you need to know here about the No Litter Generation and No Litter Day.

Press images
On the Press photo page you'll find links to high-resolution images of the Child Rights Heroes who are candidates for the World's Children's Prize, Global Vote days, Child Rights Ambassadors and photos from No Litter Generation days, etc.
> Press images

Download The Globe magazine in different languages, child rights factsheets and much more. >
Download materials

Download a logo-loop to use as a background during your press conference.
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   We've got loads of videos that you can show during your press conference or send as links by email or via social media. Go to our YouTube channel and you'll find masses of videos featuring everything from Child Rights Ambassadors and children voting on Global Vote day, to No Litter Day and World's Children's Press Conferences in different countries. Contact us at if you need the video on your computer to show at a press conference or on some other occasion. Remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you never miss a new video!
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