Children holding press conference
Ten tips for your press conference

Here are ten tips to help you and your friends before and during your World's Children's Press Conference!

Be well-prepared! Write a script. It’s also good to have a schedule – basically, a list of what will happen in the right order.

Think about what to wear. Choose something you think looks nice but that’s also comfortable. It’s important for you to feel confident when you’re going to speak in front of lots of people.

Go to the loo before you start!

Have a glass of water handy. If you’re nervous, your mouth can feel dry (but only take little sips of water when you need it).

Have pen and paper available. You might want to write down some of the things that are being said. It could help you answer journalists’ questions later.

It’s good to use a microphone, particularly if the press conference is being recorded for radio and/or TV.

Speak loudly, clearly and slowly. You can never speak too slowly!

Look at the others in your group and listen when they are speaking. If you look interested, others will be too.

Be polite, but don’t put up with anyone in the audience being deliberately condescending or trying to get others to laugh at your expense.

Ask for the contact details of the journalists who attend your press conference. For example, they could sign in on a list when they arrive. Then you can invite them personally next time, or send information to them direct.

Don’t give your personal details (for example your home address, email or telephone number) to anyone you don’t know. Instead ask anyone who is interested to contact you via an adult, perhaps your teacher.

Good Luck!


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