World’s Children’s Press Conference
World's Children's
Press Conference

Children's Press Conference All over the world, at the same time, children taking part in the WCP program invite media and sometimes also local leaders to their own press conference to share the latest news about children's rights and WCP.

It's more important than ever now to spread knowledge about the rights of the child and global challenges via the media. Raising awareness puts pressure on those in power, and makes them think more about children when they're making decisions.

Only children are allowed to speak at a World's Children's Press Conference. They talk about the changes they want to see where they live and around the world. They raise issues that concern everything from the equal rights of all people to democracy and sustainable development.


Read our step-by-step guide on how to prepare, carry out and follow up your World's Children's Press Conference.
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Material bank

You'll find everything you need here, including all the important documents and links to films, factsheets and draft scripts.
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Tips to help make it a success

Smart ideas and info about how to run a press conference and capture journalists' interest (without getting too nervous!).
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Inspire others

Tell others about how you ran a successful World's Children's Press Conference. Send press cuttings and explain what you did to attract journalists' attention.
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What is a press conference?

When you have something important to say and you want to get the information out quickly to a wide audience, invite journalists to a press conference.
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