Ashok with a girlsclub
Ashok Dyalchan

Dr Ashok Dyalchand has been nominated to become the WCP Decade Child Rights Hero 2020, for his campaigning against child marriage and fight for girls’ equal rights in India for 40 years.

Dr Ashok Dyalchand has been chosen by millions of children to be the 2019 Child Rights Hero and recipient of the World’s Children’s Prize, (WCP), known as the “Children’s Nobel Prize” by worldwide media.


Every day, 15,600 girls are subjected to child marriage in India. Girls are forced to quit school and they become slaves in their husband’s home. They risk death if they fall pregnant, as their bodies are not ready to give birth to children.


To raise the status of girls and save their lives and to put an end to child marriage, Ashok and his organization IHMP started Girls Clubs to give girls knowledge and self­confidence and enable them to support one another in convincing their parents not to force them into marriage, but instead allow them to finish school. In Ashok’s Boys Clubs, 5,000 boys and young men have learned about child mar­riage, girls’ rights, and gender equality.


Since 1975, some 50,000 girls in 500 villages have learned about their rights and received Life Skills Education. The average age of a girl being married off in the area has ris­ en from 14 to 17. Their age at the birth of their first child has risen to 18 on average, which means fewer young mums and babies are dying during birth. The goal is freedom for all girls and a society free from sex discrimination and inequality.


Goal 4: Quality education, for girls too. Goal 5: Gender equality. A stop to child marriage and all forms of harmful traditions, which also contributes towards achieving several goals, including Goal 1: No poverty, Goal 2: Zero Hunger, and Goal 10: Reduced inequalities.

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