A boysclub meeting
How Ashok and IHMP work
Ashok and IHMP fight against child marriage and for girls’ rights by:

• Starting Girls Clubs for unmarried girls, where they learn about their rights and receive Life Skills Education. The Girls Clubs also function as safe places for girls, where they can talk about things that are important to them.
• Starting Boys Clubs for unmarried boys, where they learn about child marriage, girls’ rights and gender equality.
• Educating newly-married couples, where the bride is a child under the age of 18, about girls’ rights and the importance of delaying the first pregnancy for as long as possible, to save the life of both the girl and the baby.
• Educating parents, police, village councils and social workers from many countries about girls’ rights and gender equality.

This is what the girls learn about in their clubs:

• The Rights of the Child.
• Girls’ rights.
• Child marriage.
• Menstruation, health and living together.
• Women’s right to divorce.
• Men’s violence towards women, for example, domestic abuse.
• How and where girls can report cases of assault.
• How to use a tablet and the internet.
• A craft, such as needlework.
• How society works, for example, the police, banks and the Village Council.

“We go on study visits with the Girls Clubs. Before, it was only the men who knew how society works. The women were totally dependent on the men and completely powerless. Now we learn more knowledge and therefore have more control over our lives,” says Salia, 15, one of the roughly 25,000 girls who have so far completed Ashok’s Life Skills Education Class.

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