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Cindy Blackstock

In 2023, she was chosen as the recipient of the World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child by millions of voting children.


Hundreds of thousands of Indigenous children in Canada are treated worse than other children due to their background. Indigenous peoples lived here for tens of thousands of years before European settlers arrived. For over 100 years, children were taken from their families to schools where they would be forced to forget their language and their culture. Many became ill, and thousands of children died. To this day, Indigenous families are split up, and the children are poorer, have worse schools and health care.


Cindy works tirelessly to combat discrimination of Indigenous children, raise awareness and pursue legal cases. Indigenous children and other Canadian children write letters to the government and demonstrate for children’s rights. Cindy faces government opposition, but she will never give up.


Cindy has helped ensure that 165,000 First Nations children get better schools and other resources needed for a secure childhood. Other Indigenous children have also seen their rights strengthened. The government has apologised and must give Indigenous children everything they need to thrive. Together with elders, leaders and young people, Cindy and her organization continue to fight for children’s rights. In July 2023, a result was the landmark decision by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in July 2023 – securing a $23.4 Billion Compensation package for First Nations children, youth and families. Learn more.

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As a changemaker, Cindy helps fulfil children’s rights and achieve the following Global Goals:

Goal 3: Good health. Goal 4: Quality education. Goal 5: Gender equality. Goal 6: Clean water. Goal 10: Reduced inequalities.
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