group of children on No Litter Day
Climate change affects daily life

Children in Burkina Faso celebrate their No Litter Day, collect litter and share information in their community.

Meet children in towns and villages, who’ve decided to make a change, and use No Litter Day to clean up and spread knowledge in their communities.

Girl in yellow

“Climate change is affecting my life, like when it rains so much that my house gets flooded.”
Seni, 10, Privée Nonglom Evangelique school

Girl with braids

“I tell my parents that they mustn’t drop litter or burn forest and bushes because it’s bad for the environment.”
Asseta, 10, CMI Privée WA Malgba de Palgré

Children holding litter in the air
Four children holding blackboard signs, smiling at the camera
Children holding a banner
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