group of children in burma on no litter day
Rain forest litter picking

In the rain forests of Burma/Myanmar children taught their parents about picking up litter, and thinking of the climate.

Meet children in the rain forest who’ve decided to make a change, and use No Litter Day to clean up and spread knowledge in their communities.

“We collected plastic bags and bottles in my village and it was the first time we organized litter picking. There isn’t much plastic in my little village; we use mostly bags and baskets made from leaves and bamboo.”
   When I go to towns in Burma there are plastic bags and bottles in the road. I also see that most people throw out the dirty wastes into the waters and they are still use that river for washing, swimming and for catching the fish. Right now the river still flow but in the future it will be very dangerous. No one mentioned this danger to the public.
Naw Sha, 12, Mee Wah Dern school

Girls giving instructions
Group of kids on their way to collect trash
Three boys with rubbish bag
Children holding
Children with colorful clothes, walking away with trash
Children standing in front of a house, holding bags and buckets, looking into the camera
Children standing in front of a house, holding a banner
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